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The Ole Miss Association of Educational Office Professionals serves the surrounding and county educational institutions as well. Thus, employees of the city, county and private schools are invited to join us!

Our objectives include providing professional growth opportunities; recognizing educational office personnel as members of the educational team; and elevating the standards of office personnel in education.

Ole Miss AEOP offers an opportunity to network with your peers on a local, regional and national level. Some of our members have been working in the educational setting for many years, and therefore know all the ins and outs of getting the job done! This supportive networking can help us all to help our educational facilities provide the best for our students.

Mission Statement

As educational office employees, we affirm our belief that an education is the birthright of every person and pledge ourselves to the preservation of that right. We recognize the special province of the professional educator and the significance of the responsibilities assumed by the educator. We also recognize the unique role of educational office professionals and the importance of the contributions made in such a position.